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Hi there ! Sure, send me a mail to [email protected]

Dec 25 '18 at 4:48 pm

luca.rava1989, as you seem to hear we didn't reply moinuddintech I wanted to point out that we've answered him that same day and didn't not received any response to the detailed informations we sent him.

We are still looking for testers. Thanks.

Dec 25 '18 at 4:46 pm

Ho I see.. I know that some people seek information about blockchain here and I told myself... waw 6 days and no answer ? that's me.. happy coding !

Dec 11 '18 at 2:19 am

@evronm You're right, even if a short email saying something like "Hi there ! Interested in the rôle !" would be enough for you to know the all thing and have access to the app. Anyways, thank you for your remark.

Not telling so much here is a way for us to keep tracks on our testers experiences, give you clues about the kind of tests to realize, know if you are a technical person or not, etc.. . .

Also the app is not scaled yet and our 'dynos' are limited for now, so it can not be publicly accessible for now, no name will be given publicly.

Well, I'll give you a precise idea about the project :

A Digital Assets Management platform running on ethereum, allowing to :

- Deploy a TOKEN smart contract responding to different ethereum standards (FT & NFT) (base contract)
- Design and deploy any other custom contract (wrote/deployed by us) in being able to use the interfaces
- Set a unique token
- For ERC721 : Mint new NFTs from scratch to create, manage Collections, digitalize anything from datas and build a store !
- Any person carrying tokens related to one of our contracts has automatically access to a wallet linked with the all existing contracts within the ecosystem
- Keep tracks on contract state with auto-loader module called 'smart contract manager' where any function is callable and all
getters are display on a monitor.
- Get statistics about token sales, supply, incomes, etc.. with clear charts
- Mailing service
- Create a contract related Landing Page ranked by token type on a marketplace (editable by owner)
- Copy/Paste Code Snippets to interact with any of owner's contracts from outside the platform
- Client list automatic decentralized storage (for futur KYC/AML tool implementation)
- Light calculation tools

- Work more on the evolutive part of our contracts: we are thinking of it like a "smart contracts as pluggins" architecture that would
fluently work with almost every possible combinations.
- Work on general design + (propose many settings for landing page's customization )
- Scale up the app with our web host ! (before public release obviously)
- Propose more base contracts designed for different goals (we've a list of things to work on already)

and so many possible upgrades...

Again, feel free to contact me.


[email protected]

Dec 10 '18 at 10:10 pm

I'm sorry forgot the 'kovan.' thing before the link example... Aargh.. I'm pretty sure you got it anyways ! Would be nice to be able to edit a message on this dApp ;)

Dec 10 '18 at 6:01 am

I am using :
// environment
VS Code (Juan Blanco plugin +1)

// back
Infura as Ethereum provider
NodeJS + ExpressJS for the API
MongoDB noSq db (+ mLab) (mongoose)
Npm to init projects, download and install all packages

// front
Jquery + template engine EJS to render my views / handle my frontend variables (I know it sounds a bit old school nowadays.. I'm on my way to VueJs)
Css Framework Semantic Ui

Dec 09 '18 at 2:28 am